Keepo Advertise: Study Case

Keepo Advertise: Study Case

Build Emotional Connection to Your Consumer Through Native Ads

We are trusted by ad agencies, helping some of their clients to achieve their objectives through native ads. Here are some of our works:


HP Omen

Keepo Advertise: Study Case
Hewlett Packard (HP) is a tech giant company, was about to build the
awareness and increase sales of their newest product: HP Omen, high
performing gaming laptop which built exclusively for gamers.

We decided to create a timeless-non-pushy content that highly relevant to HP Omen’s target audience, which is casual gamers. The result is outstanding, and still generating page views until now.


Oppo R7S 

Keepo Advertise: Study Case
OPPO was about to introduce their newest product, OPPO R7s which has
an incredibly fast charging feature. Our task is to correlate OPPO R7s with
"fast". How can we influence the audience to achieve the objective?

We created an infographic, educates the audience about the fastest things on earth. We aim to inject their mind with everything fast, and then introduce OPPO R7s as a new smartphone which also has "fast" feature.

With this strategy, we believe that OPPO R7s would be easily remembered every time they need something that fast in battery charging.


Wego - Australia Tourism 

Keepo Advertise: Study Case
Wego is a well known travel booking site. Cooperating with Tourism
Australia, they wanted to promote more of the beauty of Australia to
Indonesian travelers using attractive and interactive story telling.

User experience is very important in attaining users to consume what you are trying to tell through your content.

Through a compelling story telling content, we successfully delivered the brand message to Indonesian travelers who longing to travel to Australia based on their characteristic.


Intel Detachable or Convertible

Keepo Advertise: Study Case
Are you more into detachable or convertible laptop? A quiz made for Intel
in order to boost the digital awareness of 2 in 1 laptop with Intel basis
processor and increase the participant of their offline activation.

We are specialized in creating unique content that engaged well with Indonesian youngster. Through fun and engaging quiz, we can determine which 2in1 laptop that will fit you most.


Garnier Pure Active Matcha Foam

Keepo Advertise: Study Case
Garnier was aiming to get huge awareness for their Garnier Pure Active
Matcha Foam within the shortest time possible.

Roadblock drove huge awareness within one day, and also effective in getting into user’s mind as our users will only see Garnier’s ad while exploring the whole site. The CTR is 3.2x times higher than industry benchmark.

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